From the NFL to Neurosurgeon

This June Myron Rolle, former safety with the Tennessee Titans and Pittsburgh Steelers will make history. Not necessarily the kind of history one would assume -Rolle will begin his residency in neurosurgery at Harvard Medical School.

Having already obtained his master’s degree in medical anthropology from Oxford University as a Rhodes Scholar, it is quite possible that Rolle may be the only person in the world to be a former NFL player, Rhodes Scholar, and a medical student.

“It’s not brain surgery”
Actually, in Myron Rolle’s case it is. It’s no coincidence that Rolle has chosen brain surgery to be his area of study. His love of and experience as a football player has guided him to this particular decision. Rolle intends to address many of the safety concerns that can harm players during games or practices.

It is quite possible that having this former football player off the field and in the operating room will be truly beneficial for the sport and players alike.

Here’s a video of Rolle discussing life as a former NFL player and medical student.