Derrick Alger

As an experienced healthcare professional, Derrick Alger commits to improving the healthcare system and believes people should have access to an adequate amount of healthcare. Derrick Alger earned his BSN from Coe College in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, graduating Cum Laude in 2008. During his time at Coe College, Derrick excelled to the Dean’s List for several semesters while receiving many awards such as the Senior Nursing Student Award (2008) and Junior Nursing Student of the Year (2007). As a medical student in the University of Medicine and Health Science’s accelerate program, Derrick Alger studies year round and lives on the beautiful island of St. Kitts with his wife, Kylie.

Mr. Alger continues to serve as an advocate for the people. His values lay in learning, sharing knowledge and providing compassion and perseverance for those in need. During his time as a professional and family man, he has developed a keen interest in improving the health care system. His views on patient advocacy range from the hardships of gaining access to a sufficient health care plan and improving government assistance programs such as Medicare or Medicaid. What sets Mr. Alger apart from other medical student is the experience he’s gained as a critical care nurse. As a critical care nurse, Derrick Alger responsibilities lay in assisting grieving families and working as liaison between doctors, patients and family members. Thus helped improve Mr. Alger’s ability to communicate, empathize and listen.

Derrick Alger makes a key point when speaking on the affordable care act, and why it’s important.
“Another key point to the passing of the affordable care act is that more people are now eligible to receive, or gain access to, government assistance such as Medicare or Medicaid. I think that expanding social programs does align with a more liberal perspective, this is not a good or a bad thing just an observation. Many republicans have tried to use the two aspects of the affordable care act mentioned above as a rallying point in which to try and poke holes in or defeat the affordable care act. The problem with any blanket legislation meant to cover an entire population is that there is no “one size fits all” when it comes to making laws and legislation about healthcare. Some of the key points on trying to get a law passed is to be willing to compromise. If I were to try and make a law regarding access to healthcare I would try and do the best I could to provide better access to care for those who are most in need: children, elderly and those in stark poverty. “

Algers efforts extend beyond serving as an advocate for patients but fuels from working 12 hour nights as a nurse five years. His involvement with giving back to communities and those in need stem from his experience as a mentor, student, nurse and husband. Derrick Alger continues to work for the large community of patients who not only value but benefit from affordable protective care.